To provide the knowledge, skills, and enhancement needed to become leaders in the field of marketing and to develop and prepare students for marketing careers.

To ensure a better understanding of marketing concepts through practical implementation of theoretical concepts and to help students to share marketing knowledge and boost peer-to-peer learning among students.


PPT Presentations by Students on trending topics like CEM “Customer Experience Management” in the retail sector a new addition of CRM Customer Relationship Management, Celebrity Endorsements, TRP (Television Rating Point) etc., helps students to educate and update on recent marketing concepts.


To test the student’s knowledge on brand awareness and brand recall, different rounds were conducted like identification of brands, logos, punch lines etc. The activity encourages the student’s correct Spontaneous recall to elicit a brand name from memory when prompted by a product category.

Advertising jingles are musical techniques used to establish a brand in a memorable, entertaining way. A jingle relays information about a company or product through music and lyrics. Students of the club have performed a dance on advertisement jingles and participants were tested on their memory levels.

This activity was on celebrity endorsements in relation to their products, identification with celebrity picture, which helps students to remove celebrity parity.
SPOOF of TV shows: Creating spoof advertisements are a fun exercise to test both critical analysis and creative expression skills of students. The goal is to reconstruct an ad, or a TV reality show delivering a more truthful or constructive message through altered images, words, or visual techniques.

To be a centre of excellence for entrepreneurial development programs for both economic and social rewards through quality learning.

To plant and nurture the seed of entrepreneurship in Students, and enable them to identify entrepreneurial myths and uncover the true facts. To recognise student potential for success through entrepreneurship
Build a Tower:
The activity helps to understand real life situations and team dynamics in accomplishing a goal. A time bound and challenging activity, where the students understand their role in building and shaping up an idea.

Idea planes:
A brainstorming activity of idea generation for a common problem. The generated ideas are written on paper planes created by the team and passed on to other teams to add  numerous other solutions  generated.

Entrepreneurial Quiz:
An activity was conducted to understand the entrepreneurial concepts and the styles. It helps in identifying student’s potential based on personal traits, strengths and weaknesses and their entrepreneurial inclination.

Global legends:
In this activity videos are played on international entrepreneurs. The purpose is to inspire students with the stories of ordinary people who became special through their ideas and passion and made a huge impact on the society.

St Ann's encourages students to participate in intense subject oriented activities to enable them to bring out their hidden talents and creative abilities, boosts their self-confidence and develop their personalities.

Competitions such as Debate, Elocution, Jam Sessions, Business Quiz, Business plan, Ad-Mag, Dumb charades, Role Play, Brand Rangoli, Logo making etc., are conducted every year and prizes are awarded to the winners.


The Department of Business Management is a member of the Wadhwani Foundation National Entrepreneur Network, a community dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship.

National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) inspires educates and supports student entrepreneurs, start-ups and SME’s for creating high value jobs in India and abroad, in association with governments, corporates, mentors, investors and educational institutes.

The College is a registered member of the NEN and conducts on campus the NEN Student Entrepreneurship Program to inspire, educate and skill young entrepreneurs. The resources provided by NEN through the Cloud Based Learn Wise Platform is used by the institution to motivate and educate student entrepreneurs. The programme is run as a part of the curriculum with the help of two faculty mentors, Dr.Y.Sucharita and Mrs. Sridevi.

Kaizen: The Japanese word kaizen simply means "change for good". The word refers to an improvement, one-time or continuous, large or small.

A strong source for imparting knowledge and building interpersonal relationship and teamwork among students.

To provide knowledge about the recent trends in HR through team Presentations,  Learning through doing,  encourage teamwork and  interpersonal skills, develop innovation and creativity among the students through Management games

PowerPoint Presentations are an effective way of helping the students learn various current trends in the field of Human Resource Management.

Team Building Games:
Team building games like Amoeba Walk, Lava Pit, Hole Trap etc., are conducted to enlighten the students on how to be good team players and also emerge as leaders to take the team towards success.

HR Quiz:
HR Quiz is a mind-sport which is conducted to test the knowledge of the students and to improve their Intelligence Quotient.

Creative Corner:
Students are also encouraged to come up with short skits, comedy plays, short films based on people management in organizations, so as to add the flavour of zest to the HRM practical problems, giving an opportunity to open a creative window.

Inspirational Videos:
Inspiring Videos from the internet are collected by students and played to bring live examples of great managers.

Mock Recruitment:
Role plays, Mock Interviews, Group Discussions, help the students look at the other side of the coin of Recruitment, giving a practical insight into the market needs.

Start- up Club
“Aspiring to Empower”

KSF (Knowledge Sharing Forum)

The Knowledge Sharing Forum (KSF) of the MBA Department is a platform for students to develop discipline specific and inter disciplinary skills. To expand their horizons of knowledge and to give an impetus for innovative and creative ideas a number of activities are conducted on a regular basis by the forum through 4 Clubs:

Blue Chip - Finance Club
“Leveraging Knowledge, Creating Value”

Blue Chip means extremely valuable asset/property. It usually refers to a stock in a company with national reputation for quality, reliability and ability to operate in good and bad times.

Vision: To help students understand the world of finance, grasp concepts and demonstrate superior knowledge.

Objective:To spread awareness in the area of Finance and to provide opportunities to put theoretical foundations into practice.

1) Paper Presentations:Paper Presentations give students an opportunity to present their learning and understanding of the chosen topics. They learn how to speak in front of a group, an indispensible professional skill apart from learning how to gather and prepare material for public presentations. 

2) Stock Market Simulation: This game is designed to help students understand how the stock market works. They learn to:

 Trade stocks
 Build a portfolio
 Learn about the stock market.

3) Finance Quiz: this helps students to develop and test their Finance knowledge and understanding of basic financial concepts. It also helps them to be conscious of developments and trends in the continuous evolving field of finance.

4) Finance Games: Finance Games bridge theory with practice. The games are developed and conducted to ensure students get a practical exposure to theoretical learning.

5) Information Boards: they encourage students to display posters, photographs, newspaper cuttings and other important information relating to their coursework. These displays add visual aid to support the learning of current finance topics, apart from showcasing the creativity of students.

Recent Activities:

Paper Presentations 
1) Crowd Funding by Arshiya and Habeeba (MBA III sem)
2) Demonetization and its effects by Ramya Manansa &Lalitha Bhavani (MBA III sem)
3) Initial Public Offer by Showri and Vandana (MBA III Sem)

Finance Games/Activities 
1) Currency Quest 
2) Know your Investments
3) Hot Potatoes (Finance Quiz) 
4) Crossword.

Kaizen- HR Club
“ Change for good- Igniting head, heart and hands”

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PK – Marketing club
“Dimag Ki Batti Jalathe raho”

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